New in the Redhead Paper Shop

I have recently added several new items, including one I designed initially as a custom order for a returning customer. Check them out!

Hello 2024

First up is my annual “Hello New Year” sticker page. I’m going for growth energy with my green stained glass “Hello 2024” set!

2024 Moon Phases

Next up is a full-page single sticker updating one I had last year. Oddly enough, the 2023 moon phase sticker didn’t sell too well, but the 2024 Moon Phase sticker has already outsold last year’s!

2024 Full-Page Month Calendars

This last one was a request from one of my long-time customers, and I’m always happy to design things for them. They wanted a 12-sticker set of each month on a full page. I decided they would be a great addition for the store.

These are sized to take up most of a page in an A5 notebook. Honestly, my handwriting is probably too big for me to use this, but I know there are lots of people out there with smaller handwriting than me!

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