New Shop Items for 2023

I’ve added a few new items to my Etsy shop just in time for 2023!

Hello 2023 New Year Set

Image of a keyhole in a door with light shining through. Over it is a banner saying "Hello 2023". Added to the main image is a key, a dip pen and bottle of ink, and a bank of lit candles.

I’ve recently started celebrating my personal new year in October, my birth month. But it also feels weird not to acknowledge the traditional new year in my planner. So here’s my set for 2023! I decided to go with a theme of “opening the door on a new year” and combine that with light to symbolize hope for the coming months.

The main sticker is roughly 3.8″ wide by 5.3″ tall and features a keyhole shining with light, a key, lit candles, and Hello 2023. Candles, keys, a magic potion, and a hand holding a 2023 planner add accent stickers.

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Celestial Themed Set

I designed this set to use with washi tape I got in an OwlCrate* box a few months ago, and I really love this set.

This is a 5×7 sheet of 24 stickers themed around celestial energy and magic. Decorate your collection page with pretty crystals, feathers, and candles. Two larger stickers illustrate moon phases.

* Not an affiliate link, I just like them.

Order here.

Moon Phases 2023

And speaking of moon phases… I always mark the first quarter, full, last quarter, and new moon on my monthly log, but I found a nice graphic depicting the phase of the moon on each day of 2023. (For the northern hemisphere, at least!)

This is a 5×7 sheet of 16 stickers themed around the 2023 lunar calendar. The main sticker is 6.5″ tall by 3.6″ wide. Additional stickers portray individual phases of the moon and include several stars as well!

Order here.

New colorways for Month Tabs

And finally, because I like having new Bullet Journal colors every year, I also like having matching month tabs! I made a brown & green set for my mom, whose current BuJo is dark green. I also made a set of purple tabs some time ago for a custom order, and meant to get that listed as an option for people as well.

Order here.


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