Time-blocking printable worksheet by redhead paper

Free Weekly Time-Blocking Printable!

One thing that isn’t easy to do in the Bullet Journal system is time-blocking. Sometimes, when I have a large project I want to get done, the only way for me to “find” time to work on it is to make time. But in a Bullet Journal, I don’t keep a daily or weekly schedule the way you would in a paper planner.

So when I need to block out my schedule and make time for my project, I print out a blank weekly time-blocking sheet and start marking what I have to do each day of the week.

I start by writing in church, my work week, and commute time, because those are unchanging. I also put my television shows on there, because I don’t want to miss them (right now it’s just The 100, but iZombie is back next week!)

Time-blocking printable worksheet by redhead paper

Then I add any meetings or appointments I might have, which can vary from week to week. Then I look at the time that’s left over and figure out how to spend that time, and how much of it I can give to my project.

In this case, it’s my writing. I’m way past overdue on my latest novel, and it needs a serious commitment from me now that I’m recovered from the nasty case of bronchitis I had for a good part of this month.

Looking at this, I have a lot of blank spaces on the calendar to get things done like laundry, meals, and playing with the cats or reading. But I also manage to get a solid 17 hours of writing in this week.

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Let me know how it works for you!

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